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Once in Budapest, so many are the ways to visit the little capital spending.
Here are a few.

1.Visit to Parliament. Is one of the most famous buildings, the most beautiful and largest in Hungary and at the same time, one of the symbols of Budapest. The building was constructed between 1885 and 1904 in eclectic style and neogothic designed by Imre Steindl, who was inspired to Parliament in London. It is one of the largest buildings of its kind in the world: it extends for some 268 m. along the banks of the Danube and is 118 m wide, with a total area of 17,700 sqm. The visit of the Parliament is free for EU citizens. Information:

2.Széchenyi Baths. Immerse in Civic Park in Budapest, is an elegant spa buildings in the neo-baroque: the fifteen pools make it one of the largest spas in Europe, apart from being the most frequented by budapestini. Open every day 6.00-22.00 hours, entrance from 8 to 11 euro to use gym for free. Information:

3. Scenic lookout. It comes with a means of transport rather unusual "Railway Children" (1-4 tickets euro and is the highest point of the city. We speak of Erzsebet Belvedere is open all year to free entry, from where to admire the splendid panorama of Budapest.

4. Palazzo delle Arti. Almost every afternoon they held a free concert, called "Hangulat-koncert," that is literally "Concerts atmosphere." It extraordinary complex of the Palace of Arts, opened in 2005 as a new cultural and tourist center of the capital, houses the National Concert Hall, the Theater Festival, the Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Art, as well as function rooms, restaurant, bars, cafes, bookshops . Information:

5. Central Market. The "Nagyvasarcsarnok", that is the largest and most important indoor market in Budapest opened its doors in 1897. The huge structure of iron-architectural monument covers an area of 10,000 square meters, designed for business. You missed a step during a visit to the capital, where you can have a snack such as a base Lángos, namely the Hungarian fried pizza, and then buy some souvenirs and local products at very affordable prices. Information:

6. Free admission to the parks. In addition to Margaret Island, it is worth spending a few hours even on the hills of Buda to the Park Normafa, equipped with restaurants, cafes and playground for children. It may also arrive with a curious means of transport, ie rail rack (n.60 in the system of public transport using the tourist ticket). Among the most beautiful parks free spicca then the Civic Park with its many attractions: the Szechenyi Spa, the Zoo, the Lunapark, the Great Circus, Vajdahunyad Castle, the Museum of Transport. Finally in the area Astoria (Astoria MM2), which is right in the heart of Pest, lies a small oasis of greenery still little known by tourists is the Karolyi kert park, surrounded by beautiful period buildings, including Palazzo Karolyi.

7. Events free. During the summer months, Budapest became the center of many events free admission: we remind the following. La Festa del Ponte chains (June 20-August 16) closed to traffic during summer weekends and singular scenery of craft fairs, concerts, fashion shows and exhibitions. The traditional summer concert organized by the phone company T-Mobile, always assured by the success each year and where the protagonist is an artist of international renown: this is the time of Simpley Red; appointment June 27 to 19 in Heroes' Square , with free admission. Another much awaited event by the children is "The Sziget of Children" (June 6-July 5): a giant mobile amusement park for children and teens (but fun is guaranteed for parents) color with its imaginative activities and games of all kinds Island Óbuda (ex yard), scheduled during the festival including craft workshops, mini zoo, puppet theater, dance course, golf lessons, etc. amusement park.

8. Free Internet. Who travels with his laptop in Budapest is a lot of wi-fi hotspots for free Also to keep in touch with family and friends at home are a lot very cheap internet point in all areas of the city or the Internet point Tourinform tourist office (50% discount applicable to holders of the Budapest Card).

9. Budapest Card The Budapest Card provides the holder and a child under 14 years free movement on public transport in the capital, discounts on sightseeing tours, access to museums, spas, restaurants and various attractions such as the Zoo, the railway children, the adventure park Challangeland etc.. Price for 2009: 21 euros (valid 48 hours), 25 euros (valid 72 hours). The Card can be purchased at tourist offices Tourinform and several hotels. An attached booklet provides a list of shops.


The artificial lake of the Civic Park in Budapest, located in the immediate vicinity of the Heroes' Square, is transformed into the largest outdoor ice rink in Central Europe. This track scenographically beautiful, the building was opened along the adjacent November 26 1926, hailed by all with great satisfaction. Many future champions moved their first steps on their own ice rink in the capital. Today, this environment is open to all fans of ice skating, who can also rent skates.

Address: Budapest, District XIV, Olof Palme sétány 5th MM 1 yellow Hősök stop tere (Heroes' Square).


Neighborhood Of The Fortress

Great history and elegance: the District is the fortress on the hill in Buda. Characterized by a particular aspect dates back to the eighteenth century, when the Turkish rule ended, was subjected to a robust restructuring, the District of Fortress is now the cultural, artistic and tourist center of first floor of the capital. Its multicolored baroque houses to one or two floors, the scene that opens with the Column of the Holy Trinity, the Matthias Church, the Fishermen's Bastion and the striking view over the Danube and Pest on that from here you can enjoy, make the District of Fortress angle dream for lovers. Here lies the Palazzo Reale, which extends over almost parallel to the Danube: mandatory visit for its interior and exhibition is enriched by the prestigious La Scala of the Habsburgs and the eastern terrace overlooking Pest with a panoramic view.

During the visit to the Castle District, a very pleasant stop at the Coffee and Pastry Ruszwurm (Szentháromság ter 7), the oldest Hungarian pastry (1827). Small and often crowded, is furnished with valuable antique furniture in the Biedermeier style: with its great coffee, one of his specialties cake and pastry cream, prepared according to original recipes, among his most famous clients, Sissi, l 'loved Queen Elizabeth Another delightful gem for couples seeking a quiet corner is the Cafe and cozy Library Lite, bright shop (and still little known by tourists) with walls and glass roof in the courtyard Fortuna Passage, near the Hotel Hilton: a true island of tranquility, with comfortable spaces to read, among the aromas of coffee, tea and cakes

A toast to your love and a future together, find their place at Cantina Real (Kiraly Borhaz), a new attraction of the District of Fortress: This is a cellar of the'300, which houses, among others, a permanent exhibition on the history of wine and of the 22 Hungarian wine regions of the country, where you can taste wines, champagne and palinka typical local grappa

Dreams From Capital ...
... when the city still sleeps

Spending Valentine's Day in Budapest means, so universal, include a visit and stop in a beautiful spa complex historical background of which the capital is rich, the Gellért baths in luxurious style Liberty (the most elegant of the capital), a steam baths like Király, which retains the original form and is considered one of the few vestiges of the period of Turkish domination. The gem and curiosity for those who enjoy the early hours of the day, even when the whole city is asleep, is offered by an elegant complex of buildings in the neo-baroque, with its fifteen pools, one of the baths of more area of Europe. These are the Szechenyi baths, built in the early'900, where stood the first bath of Budapest, with decorations, statues, mosaics and glass work of the most famous Hungarian artists. Completely refurbished, have most of the tanks outside, but the steam produced by heat can enjoy the pleasure of a swim even in winter, starting from 6 o'clock in the morning, when there already you can enter, to start the day with the greatest of form.

Also for those who love the early morning, a delightful visit to the Mercato Centrale (Nagyvasarcsarnok), the largest and most impressive Market Hall in Budapest. Opened in 1897 and declared architectural monument to its original quality and structure in iron, this market covers an area of 10,000 square meters, entirely devoted to trade. Excellent center for the purchase of souvenirs and local products Hungarians, including food, is open since 6 am. To get here: M3, stop Kalvin ter

... and when the city is sleeping already

As some people will wake up early in the morning, there are also those who do love the small hours. And the lovers who want to live in Budapest the atmosphere of Budapest by night, will find their first goal within the Rudas baths, home fifteenth (Turkish) and recently renovated. On the one hand, blocking the aisle turkish bath remained almost intact: the octagonal pool is covered with a semi-spherical dome, pierced by small windows with colored glass. The hours of admission are usually different for men and women, while the pools are always accessible to both sexes simultaneously, in particular, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday the Rudas baths are open from 22 hours to 4 hours, and women and people can enter together. Info:

The night of Budapest deliver heat in a particular vintage salt suggestive of Cafe New York. A local legend tells that Ferenc Molnar, the author of famous book "The children of the street Pal" butt in the Danube over the keys of this coffee, of which he was assiduous frequenter, for the wish that the restaurant remained open 24 hours on 24 . So New York is not never closed, remaining open at any time of day or night, just as happens today. Built in 1894, the Cafe New York (and the magnificent Palace is located) is built in eclectic style with influences of various architectural styles in harmony between neo-baroque, renaissance and rococo style.

The Margaret Island and the Danube

Synonymous with relaxation and comfort in all seasons, including autumn and winter, the Margaret Island is another area of Budapest where you can spend a Valentine's Day full of rest and care of itself. With its outstanding spa facilities, swimming pools and hotels, is ideal for those who like to relax in a quiet, closed to traffic and dominated by green. The island, designed by the course of the Danube in the middle of the city, has an extension of almost 100 hectares, with maximum length and width of respectively 2.5 km and 500 meters. Located between Margaret Bridge and Árpád Bridge, is rightly considered one of the pearls of Budapest, and the most beautiful park of the city. Already inhabited by the Romans, housed in the medieval churches and monasteries. In the second half of the nineteenth century, the island was discovered a source of water, now appropriately valued by excellent thermal complexes. From Margaret Bridge, which connects to the other side of the Danube, you can admire the magnificent bridges and buildings on both banks of the great river, and the magnificent Parliament building, the Palazzo Reale, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and Palace Gresham hotel with a superb restaurant and a café in striking position. Ideal for a dinner by candlelight are the different boats - restaurant allowing capital to admire the splendid and unforgettable perspective.


15 March

The Feast of the Revolution against the Habsburgs is the deepest in Hungary move because national pride. E 'connected, in fact, at the historic courageous revolution of 1848 to liberate the homeland dall'egemonia Austria. On this day the Hungarians wore the famous tricolor cockade to honor the memory of the revolution and have crowns of flowers in memory of the heroes who gave their lives for freedom.

In Budapest many events are held in historical places and monuments to remind us that this day: the National Museum, the statue of the poet Sándor Petőfi and Coffee Pilvax, local historian from where the young rioters. In the evening, to Teatro dell'Opera, the work is performed by Ferenc Erkel "Bank bàn.


The cycle of events, known throughout the world, comprises about two hundred different events and affects almost sixty places in the capital. There are many classical music concerts and music and theatrical events. Artists of great prestige come from all over the world to celebrate this great event.

Easter Monday

The Pasquetta addition to its religious side, is also a wish to life reborn. On Easter Monday, after the Holy Mass, in Hungary begins "locsolás".

According to this ancient custom and curious, and pagan peasant, men have to "water the flowers", ie women, to wish for fertility and new life. Originally sule women tipped real buckets full of water. Today, instead of using the perfume. In exchange for the "locsolás" women offer their gifts to men: hand-painted eggs, cakes and liqueurs.

The traditional lunch on Monday of Angel is made of ham and boiled eggs.


Budapest has long been a favorite destination for city breaks even with its irresistible mix of big business on the move and cities with a thousand opportunities for a pleasant relaxation. You can safely leave behind the traffic and city bustle to enjoy the green angles little known by tourists, or walks in very quiet area, easily reachable from the center, like the hills of Buda, ideal for those who want a break relaxed in the strong pace of everyday life.

On the hills of Buda with the Children's Railway Trekking and relax in the green hills of Buda, where to admire the splendid panorama of Budapest: nothing better to leave the chaos of the city, using half of transporting all unusual, that is so-called Railway Children, with possibly a chair rail and rack.

Less than half an hour from the center of Budapest, between the various entertainment venues in the vast area of green hills of Buda, there is also the Railway Children, a genuine curiosity in the city. Great reason to appeal in this case is the fact that these trains on the service, although always under the constant and careful supervision of adults, is operated by children aged between 10 and 14 years. Narrow-gauge tracks (760 mm) and open carriages parade along a scenic route of 11.1 kilometers route in about 50 minutes, with a height difference between the two terminus (Széchenyi-hegy and Hüvösvölgy) of 235 meters. During the trip you touch the most beautiful of the hills that encircle in Buda, the János-hegy, the highest point of the city (527 m), the Belvedere Erzsébet, named in honor of Queen Elizabeth (Sissi), what remains of the monastery Paolini (of medieval times) near the stop Szépjuhaszné. At the terminus Hüvösvölgy is the museum's Railway Children, with objects and images in the history of this special train. The bus Hüvösvölgy is easily reachable by public transport from the underground M2 Moszkva tér - tram No.56.

A route with many attractions

The various stops Railway Children, Széchenyi-hegy, Normafa, Csillebérc, Virágvölgy, János-hegy, Vadaspark, Szépjuhászné, Hars-hegy, Hűvösvölgy reserve pleasant surprises for young and old.

Stop by Széchenyi-hegy to arrive, after a short walk away, the Szechenyi Belvedere, designed by Miklos Ybl; in the past served as a staging point, and today is a green park. Not far away is the wood of Normafa already dall'800 favorite artists in all seasons and vantage point of the most beautiful districts of Budapest, very much loved by budapestini and still little known by tourists. Ideal place for lovers of trekking, from here many marked trails to Mount Janos (where you can take a chairlift to the Belvedere Erzsebet), Zugliget, Csilleberc (adventure park), and Makkosmaria Budakeszi (natural reserve of animals ).

Al Normafa, which is also equipped with restaurants, cafes and playground for children, you can also enjoy a whole day, to report a very busy booth, with excellent rètes (Strudel) . Note that along with the Railway Children, a Normafa it can also be square Moszkva b (M2) with the 21 bus (which runs till the end a very beautiful route, on a green boulevards bends), and, enjoying an extraordinary landscape, with the rack railway, stretching from Városmajor, around Moszkva b (n.60 in the system of public transport, travel time approximately 20 minutes, the ticket is valid or normal tourist.

At the stop Csilleberc is the Challengland, one of the largest adventure parks across Hungary, a place of leisure and holiday always busy.

The stop János-hegy is the request of the Railway Children because from here you can also reach the highest point of the city, namely the Belvedere Erzsebet, open all year to free entry, with a splendid view over Budapest, possibly with a nice lift. Indeed, in a chairlift capital is a means of transport surprising: Budapest but also reserve these pleasant surprises! Terminus between the two is the height difference of 262 m and the distance as the crow flies is about 1 km, covered in 15 minutes with a journey from the land of approximately 8 meters. The landscape here is truly is amazing. The upper section of the cable car passes through the steep slopes of Mount Janos, while the bottom has the world's villette vintage Zugliget. Reached the upper stop, a short walk of 15 minutes can go up to the Belvedere Erzsebet.

Some trains stop at railway Vadaspark, nature of animals within the National Park Duna-Ipoly, where an area of 300 hectares are several species of wild forests typical of Hungarian and European red deer, bison, wild boar, mouflon , birds, pets. The park is open every day from 9 to 15. Information: www.vadaspark

Strolling among villas and Arboretum Mount Gellert

The Gellert Hill (Gellert-hegy), site of natural interest, lies in the heart of Budapest on the Buda side. It is one of the favorite places for the walks of budapestini, and the Citadel and its shocking scene in the green and silence, also attracts many tourists in all seasons.

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